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The Rules

  • Your site must be linking back to us with the correct anchor, or you won't be able to submit.
  • Our link must be VISIBLE on your site or you will be PERMANENTLY BANNED!
  • No iframe breakers. If you have an iframe breaker then whitelist us
  • No homepage links, you must only link to your content pages
  • No illegal content (ch!*d porn, incest, animals, real violence or warez)
  • Currently submit a maximum of 1 link per site per day
  • Only submit quality content (videos min 2 mins) from quality sites
  • All content submitted as "Pics" should have a minimum of 10 PICTURES!
  • Choose the proper category when submitting for best results
  • Thumbs and tags are optional but if you use quality thumbnails and tags it will send you more traffic
  • Max 4-word tags and no tag can be longer than 30 characters. Tags are separated by commas
  • No duplicate content. If you submit the same content AND/OR same thumbnail, your links will be removed
  • Do not use the same tags with each submission. Use relevant tags or don't add tags at all.

Rules Update!

  • If you have a free blog site, contact first, no excessive fakes players or pops allowed
  • Alexa minimum 5 Million can post 1 link a day. Over 5 Million not allowed for now
  • We are no longer accepting duplicate websites sharing the same ip or most subdomains
  • Your links will no longer be approved unless they have proper titles and in English only (some hentai and games excluded)
  • No FAKE titles unrelated to your video. We no longer accept multiple sites on the same ip and ALL subdomains will be checked for suitability
  • Due to the large submissions, we can't guarantee that all your plugs will be approved. So please submit QUALITY for a better chance of approval

Submission Advice To Improve Clicks

  • Use clear, descriptive titles and don't use ALL-CAPS TITLES
  • Use an optional high-quality thumbnail; only links with thumbnails will feature on our TGP and show an image preview
  • Use optional tags relevant to the title and content of your submitted links
  • We have a toplist for our top webmasters. This is based on all-time unique referred incoming traffic. The system will invisibly track sent visitors even before you add your site anchor
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